There are a heap of blog posts on the topic of increasing traffic to your website or blog. These posts either politely assume that your content is awesome or state it as a simple fact that your content needs to be good to attract and keep an audience and leave it there. Having a successful site without great content is like wanting to be a supermodel when you stand at 5 feet tall… except fixable! These are some tricks that can be used to improve your content. The tips below apply to both blog posts and information pages with a much heavier emphasis on blog posts. This is the content you will keep on creating after your site launch (or should be because your customers and google will love you for it).

Read, read, read!

This advice is given to aspiring novelists and applies equally to those writing online. You won’t be able to write a decent blog post if you hardly ever read blogs yourself. Find a few blogs relevant to your business or personal interests and follow them to get a feel for their structure and writing style. Authenticity is important when building a community so while you can be inspired by the blogs you love readers will want something original to keep coming back to.

Set your tone

If your readers wanted to read a textbook on your subject matter they would have bought one. Blogs and websites should have an informal style that allows you to engage with your audience on a personal level. Your audience should be able to get a feel for you and your brand from reading your content so set the mood accordingly.

Do I have something people want?

Visitors to your site will expect to be either informed or entertained. If you are too salesy, boring or not teaching your readers anything of value they won’t stick around for long.

How long is a piece of Internet?

Information pages on your site (about, services etc) can be as long as they need to be to include everything you want to say. The optimum length of blog posts is a widely discussed topic with the answer being anything from 300 words to the longer the better depending on the purpose of your posts. If you are using your blog to market your business short posts that share news and start discussions are great but if your content is your product then lengthy posts covering your topic in detail are the way to go. Posts less than 300 won’t do great things for your ranking on search engines so this is a bit of a hard limit.

I choose to blame my high school English teacher!

If like me your high school English curriculum focused more on remembering other people’s clever quotes rather than writing anything decent yourself you may need some help with the technical aspects of writing. The Hemmingway app will analyse your writing for correct grammar and readability. You can also improve your writing skills. You can also take a course to improve your writing. A quick Google for “online writing courses” will bring up results for courses applicable to your country. If you are feeling particularly social and want to look like a person with hobbies you can look for face to face writing classes in your local area.

Can I just pay someone to help me?

Of course you can. The emergence of sites such as freelancer<> allow you to quickly find copywriters or proofreaders to improve your writing. If it is strategic guidance that you are after there is a growing field of blog coaches and creative entrepreneurs who specialise in building your brand online (I have linked to a bunch of their blogs below).

Are there any great blogs to help me?

At the beginning of this post I did say that reading blogs was a good idea. The following blogs have great articles on content creation. I have given some example posts below but all these blogs have many posts worth reading.

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Anything else?

The last tip to write better content is the same way that you get better at anything else – practice! An appropriate quote that I have seen on a few blogs is “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. The top bloggers didn’t just start making great content from day one and even old posts are a work in progress (Pinterest knows all).

What are your best tips for creating great content? What do you find most challenging when creating content?