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Send amazing HTML emails

EDM (email direct marketing) is becoming an increasingly popular marketing channel. An advantage of emails over other marketing channels is that they can be scheduled to be delivered at a time when they will be most effective. For example an email for a pizza chain could be delivered late in the afternoon when people are deciding what to have for dinner. A well designed HTML email will get your customer’s attention but your time will be wasted if it can’t be displayed in their email client.

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Create beatiful website forms

HTML forms are a vital part of most websites but they don’t look very good by default. Luckily there is a lot you can do to improve the look of your forms so they don’t ruin your otherwise beautiful website. Depending on the underlying technology of your website and your level of technical expertise there are a number of different ways to do this. CSS All methods of styling forms use CSS either on its own or with JavaScript, the plugins listed below just provide a way of doing this without you having to write said CSS yourself. Some form […]

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How to get the website you want

Getting a new website for your company is an important step when starting a new business or reaching out to new customers for your existing business. If you are not technically minded you may not know exactly what you need from your website or how to express what you want. This post provides tips on how to pick a web designer and come up with some initial requirements for your website. Once you have picked the right designer they can also provide you guidance on the process of designing and launching your website.

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9 Great Online Resources for Web Designers

The Internet is a web designer’s best friend. Aside from allowing us to make a living where we can avoid any hot, messy or dangerous situations; the Internet has all the information you need to resolve tricky website issues or learn something completely new to improve your web design skills. Some of the sites listed below are developer focused and also cover languages such as Java and PHP. Other sites look at web design from a design perspective and also contain information on graphic design.

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How wide should my website be?

In the (honestly quite terrible) 2001 movie Antitrust they really had this responsive design thing down. Social media was years away so the only practical way to spread the word about Microsoft NURV being completely evil is to simultaneously hack every computing device on the planet. UI designer Lisa, clearly the best designer to ever live was able to present an interface in the same sharp detail on both a tiny early 2000’s mobile phone and a billboard on Times Square without any changes between devices.

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