Want a beautiful website but don’t know where to start? Let me help!

I am a web designer with a passion for vibrant designs and a keen interest in how people actually use the Internet. My Interest in web design started when I had my very first Windows PC at home and I could create simple webpages with tables and lots of “pretty” animated gifs (we are going back a while here). With a Computer Science degree and over 10 years experience in banking IT I have both technical training and a creative outlook.

I love working with WordPress, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and I can never learn enough new CSS. When not at the computer I love crochet, reading classic novels and jogging very slowly.

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What I offer

I am a freelance web designer in the business of providing beautiful, functional websites at a good price. I specialise in WordPress and my services page provides detail on my fixed price design services. If you are interested in custom WordPress development I can also provide a competitive quote for this work.

Once you have a website that you love I can provide ongoing assistance with content creation, social media strategy, email marketing and maintaining a secure website.

About the blog

I blog regularly about web design concepts and the practical tasks involved in designing and maintaining websites. The aim of my blog is to discuss website design and maintenance in a casual and easy to understand manner. If you read one of my posts and are still confused by the techno-babble leave me a comment and i will be only too happy to explain further.

My blog is for

  • Readers with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS that they want to take to the next level
  • Website owners who have very little to no knowledge of HTML but want to know a bit about how their site works and some simple maintenance that they can do themselves